Apostolic Temple Of Truth (ATOT) Church

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About Us

What we stand for

We stand for the word of God and not the opinions of man. A one on one connection/relationship with God instead of a unconscious routine. His word doesn't change but the feelings and emotions within the human being do change and often can vari greatly from one person to the next. Imagine how chaotic a world would be if everyone did what they felt like doing.


We are members of the Fellowship Circle

The fellowship circle is comprised of several congregation located all over the country who share a similar doctrine and beliefs to us here at ATOT.

Fellowship meeting on every fourth Saturday of the month with the following churches and other members of the organization

Lilly of the Valley Pentecostal church Lemoore Ca, New Life Pentecostal church of Oakland Ca, Greater Love Apostolic Church of Stockton Ca, New Testament united Pentecostal Church of Shreveport Louisiana, Full Gospel united Pentecostal Church of Baton Rouge Louisiana, etc.

Please refer to our calender if you have any questions and or concerns regarding upcoming meetings and events.

Community Outreach and Community Service Programs

Apostolic Temple Of Truth Church being uniquely blessed to be comprised of a diverse variety of inhouse talents and professionals have always offered an unofficial (if you will) quality apprenticeship on the job training, mentor protege opertunity to the community and youth. This Training has consistently changed the course of many young and old peoples live. We have/had members with professions suchs as carpenter, painters, plumbers, heavy equipment operators, electricians, welders, teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, child care specialist, ranchers/farmers, sercurity specialist, secretary, receptionist, jacks of all trades you name it we've had saints whos do/done it!

ATOT Youth meeting and rehersals

For scheduals and rehearsal info contact Carrieona Robinson with the youth department. (916) 228-0921